The Corona-crisis was hard on sports clubs. They were hit with sincere losses in membership. That’s why the Austrian Ministry of Sports approached us to help them with communication. After sniffing around the problem we came to the conclusion that sports clubs are the birthplace of many legends: Nationwide celebrities, of course. But also legends known in their tiny village for more than 50 years for their crazy bowling skills.  They are people  that do not adhere to the ordinary belief of what a sports legend has to look like. And certainly not to the archetype of every Nike, Adidas & Co. commercial.
So we started a campaign to subvert these very ideals. A campaign that shows what can happen if you start in a sports club with all its diverse ranges of sports. You can become a legend of tomorrow. One that doesn’t play a typical sport, but can also be a Ranggler or a Kegler. One that doesn’t look like the typical sports legend. But rather one that shows the diversity of our society. All culminating in our call-to-action:
Become a legend of tomorrow.
Start in a sports club today.

Created as Creative Director at Jung von Matt / DONAU
Director:   Adrien Lagier and Ousmane Ly / Adeus Films
Post Production Studio: Digital District FR