Michael Maria Morgenbesser

Writer, Creative Director, Glamour Ghoul


In 2021, the world was in turmoil. A generation was to be defined as the one destined to stay at home for months at a time. Feeling restless. Helpless. 
European DIY chain store HORNBACH couldn’t accept this. Since its beginning, the brand has propagated the power of the project to propel us to new heights. So during the Covid-19 crisis, we wanted to turn the destiny of the everyday DIYer into a virtue. Creating an epic journey of an incredibly shrunken man. Heroically, almost mythically, surpassing his old self in the cathartic work on a project. Culminating in a rallying cry not only for him, but for all of us:
It seems impossible. Until you do it.

Created at HEIMAT, Berlin.
Director: Tom Kuntz
Director of photography: Hoyte van Hoytema
Film Production: MJZ / Tony Petersen Film

Billboards and posters encouraged people to overcome their old self.