Michael Maria Morgenbesser

Writer, Creative Director, Glamour Ghoul


What will you make of your toilet?

HORNBACH has always been a brand that encourages its customers to think beyond conventions. That also applies for the toilet. With “Room of Silence”, we wanted to show that the toilet is way more than an off-white, strictly functional place of shame. And by that, made HORNBACH’s toilet range come alive in a never-before-seen way.

Initially planned as an event, the campaign quickly grew into way more. With an Out-of-Home campaign showing people right after their relief on the toilet, inspirational videos and construction manuals.

Created at HEIMAT, Berlin. 
Architecture: m-box Berlin
Photographer: Kai-Uwe Gundlach

The lines translate to:
“When was the last time you talked about your toilet?”

“You alone, your thoughts and your toilet.”

“An altar for your toilet visit.”