Michael Maria Morgenbesser

Writer, Creative Director, Glamour Ghoul


Our society has forgotten how the real world smells. Cheap perfumes, bad deodorants and constant artificial smells are used to cover the stench of the everyday. That stems from pollution, overproduction and digitalization. But there is hope: In your garden. Right when our world is born anew, it elicits the smell of gardening projects, creativity and madness. This is HORNBACH’s smell of spring. A counter-attack on the pungent smell of dystopian megacities.

Launched in the most important time for DIY-stores, the campaign put its very own twist on the smell everyone knows. We staged the odeur of gardening projects as a rare good in a TV-commerical. While in print, we showed the allure of the born-again nature.

Created at HEIMAT, Berlin.
Director: Sam Hibbard
Film Production: ANORAK Film
Photographer: Kai-Uwe Gundlach