Michael Maria Morgenbesser
Writer and creative director.

In 1990 I was born into the world’s most paradox city: Vienna, Austria. A place with one of the globe’s highest standards of living. But a traditionally disgruntled state of mind. So I wanted to find out if other cities handled their mental well-being differently.

In 2010 my studies in Journalism and PR led me to Graz, to the UK and back again. After completing my civil service caring for physically handicapped children, becoming the world’s most inaudible bassist in a band and starting an online music magazine, I found myself in advertising. Creating real-time content for car manufacturer Opel’s global social media account and channeling my inner global citizen for Heineken.

But, then again, I had set out to inquire about cities’ state of minds. So in 2014 I moved to Germany to work for Jung von Matt’s at the time most prestigious account: Mercedes-Benz. I quickly became part of the agency’s newly-formed new business team. In 2016 I wrote one of the only three German radio commercials that were recognized at Cannes Lions Festival and founded another online music magazine that got recognized by Sleaford Mods’ singer Jason Williamson, which made me forget all about Cannes Lions.

In 2017, me and my art partner won the car brands Genesis and Hyundai for the agency and left after coming home from a production in Los Angeles, where for some reason Matthew Bellamy showed up. He also didn’t hear my bass skills, which is strange enough.

While freelancing for agencies in Zurich, Milan, Vienna and all over Germany, me and my art partner found the time to create and produce a children’s book made out of recycled ocean waste.

In 2018, Berlin and its  unique disgruntled attitude called for my attention. I started working for TBWA/Heimat and their most prestigious account: DIY chain store HORNBACH. Soon enough erecting a huge toilet in the heart of Berlin, winning numerous national and international awards and travelling to Madrid to help with a global pitch. Which showed me: My inquiries have just begun.

I still write about music. But in a longer, as of now unpublished form. I love all things odd, extreme and melancholy. I try to train six out of seven days a week. I pay tribute to the paradox of my hometown by reading communist theory.  I am vegan for more than ten years now. I was at two hardcore shows with two different bosses and did stage dives at both of them. I don’t believe in writing about myself in third person.

Agencies I worked/freelanced for
Jung von Matt DONAU (current), TBWA/HEIMAT Berlin, Jung von Matt NECKAR, Antoni, Vice/Virtue, Freundliche Grüße Zurich, DUDE Milano, Knallgrau.

Magazines I founded/worked for
Fragmente Deutschland, Kaput Magazin, Vice, Igittbaby, TheGap, Rock Hard, Kulturpegel, ...

BA in Social Sciences, Deutsch, English, French, Russian.

Member of the German Advertising Film Academy.
Member of Art Director’s Club of Europe.
Member of Creative Club Austria.