Michael Maria Morgenbesser

Writer, Creative Director, Glamour Ghoul


Advertising for museums always looks the same: They show one picture of the exhibition, the name of a famous artist and that pretty much seals the deal.
When the famous Leopold Museum – an art instituion in Vienna – came to us and asked us for a campaign to celebrate their 20-year anniversary, we wanted to break with that convention.
We thought: Showing the art the museum is famous for, inflates it. Which in turn nullifies the art’s real impact – eliciting strong feelings when standing in front of an original piece.
So instead, we chose to show no pictures at all. But statements of real people describing just what they felt while taking in the art. Showing them in a rough way, just like they were written, with a unique handwriting. Covering topics such as genderless dicks, identity, the male gaze and feeling “deppert”. Each resulting in our message:
What will you feel? Find out: At Leopold Museum.

(All written in Viennese, sorry international folks.)
Created as Creative Director at Jung von Matt / DONAU